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This section highlights the research done by our SILC Members in connection with our Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center project. A new highlight article is published at the beginning of each month.

To more easily scan our Showcases, try searching our Showcase Bibliography: This index cites all of our SILC Showcases from February 2009 to April 2016.

Showcase April 2016: Learning to Measure through Action and Gesture
Showcase March 2016: Taking Science of Learning Global
Showcase February 2016: Space and Mathematics: What’s the Connection?
Showcase January 2016: The Cognitive Development Society’s pre-conference on The Development of Spatial Thinking
Showcase December 2015: The 2015 first annual Earth Educators' Rendezvous, Boulder CO, July 13-17
Showcase November 2015: Integrating Cognitive Science with Innovative Teaching in STEM Disciplines: Spatial Learning in STEM
Showcase October 2015: Word meanings across languages support efficient communication
Showcase September 2015: Spatial Organization of Mathematical instruction: The Importance of Making Links Visible
Showcase August 2015: Spatial Grounding of Learning Workshop: Action, Gesture and Language
Showcase July 2015: Virtual Silcton : A navigation research tool
Showcase June 2015: Building Blocks for Developing Spatial Skills: Evidence From a Large, Representative U. S. Sample
Showcase May 2015: Pattern Identification or 3D Visualization? Finding an Effective Way To Teach Topographic Map Use
Showcase April 2015: How do (some) people form cognitive maps?
Showcase March 2015: Anchoring the neural compass: Coding of local spatial reference frames in human medial parietal cortex
Showcase February 2015: Spatial cognition and spatial learning resources on the SERC website
Showcase January 2015: Vespucci Institute 2014: Brain and Space
Showcase December 2014: Comparing Spatial Learning Tools: Spatial Alignment and Gesture During a Bridge Building Lesson
Showcase November 2014: Distributed Spatial Sensemaking in Middle School Engineering Learning
Showcase October 2014: Spatial Cognition Conference 2014
Showcase September 2014: Early block play predicts conceptual understanding of geometry and mathematical equivalence in elementary school
Showcase August 2014: Mechanisms of Spatial Learning: Using Comparison and Contrast to Teach Children Geometric Categories
Showcase July 2014: The order of attentional shifts determines what visual relations we extract
Showcase June 2014: An up-date on three of the Lab-based exchange projects supported through our Thematic Network in Spatial Cognition (TNSC) via an NSF SAVI award supplement
Showcase May 2014:Spatial Ability Mediates the Gender Difference in Middle School Students’ Science Performance
Showcase April 2014: An up-date on two of the Lab-based exchange projects supported through our Thematic Network in Spatial Cognition (TNSC) via an NSF SAVI award supplement
Showcase March 2014: The Inside Story: Biases in Student Perception of Cross-Sectional Views
Showcase February 2014: The People's Guide to Spatial Thinking
Showcase January 2014: Using CogSketch to increase sketching and spatial skill development in Geoscience classrooms
Showcase December 2013: Math Anxiety Relates to Spatial Processing
Showcase November 2013: Where will it go? Concepts of motion in complex events
Showcase October 2013: Hitting the slopes: Gradient cues in child navigation
Showcase September 2013: International Spatial Cognition Summer Institute (ISCSI 2013), held at UCSB, August 11-25 2013
Showcase August 2013: Twisting space: Are rigid and Non-rigid mental transformations separate spatial skills?
Showcase July 2013: Teachers’ spatial anxiety relates to 1st- and 2nd-graders’ spatial learning
Showcase June 2013: Neural Coding of Real-World Locations and Directions
Showcase May 2013: Exploration of CogSketch as an Instructional Tool in Middle School Science
Showcase April 2013: Lab-based exchange projects supported through our Thematic Network in Spatial Cognition (TNSC) via an NSF SAVI award supplement
Showcase March 2013: Exploring a Spatial Thinking Curriculum for Higher Education
Showcase February 2013: Improving young children's jigsaw puzzle skills: The role of spatial gestures
Showcase January 2013:Spatial actions with and without speech: Neither resemble gesture
Showcase December 2012: The Effects of Word Learning Biases on Children’s Understanding of Angle
Showcase November 2012: Gesture in Mental Abacus Calculation
Showcase October 2012: Two Spatial Cognition Conferences and SILC Participation
Showcase September 2012: Cross-Institutional Collaborations
Showcase August 2012: The SILC Student and Post-Doc Network
Showcase July 2012: The Ultimate Block Party: Connecting Spatial Learning to Play
Showcase June 2012: The Malleability of Spatial Skills: A Meta-analysis of Training Studies
Showcase May 2012: Teaching and Learning Civil Engineering Using Structural Alignment
Showcase April 2012: The gestures ASL signers use tell us when they are ready to learn math
Showcase March 2012: Where do you think you are: A virtual environment assessment of navigation ability
Showcase February 2012: The head of the table: Marking the ‘front’ of an object is tightly linked with selection
Showcase January 2012: Visual processing of spatial relationships
Showcase December 2011: The neural basis of visuospatial analogical reasoning
Showcase November 2011: Perceiving slope: With the body or with the eyes?
Showcase October 2011: Spatial Language during Block Play
Showcase September 2011: Progressive Alignment of Geologic Time
Showcase August 2011: Students take Sketch Worksheets for a spin during in-class group activity
Showcase July 2011: Effectiveness of Student-Constructed Diagrams and Self-Explanation Instruction
Showcase June 2011: Alleviating Anxiety about Spatial Ability in Elementary School Teachers
Showcase May 2011: Understanding the Role of Geospatial Technologies in the Development of High School Students’ Spatial Thinking Skills
Showcase April 2011: The relation between spatial skills and early number knowledge: The role of the linear number line
Showcase March 2011: Assessing Mental Folding in Children
Showcase February 2011: Finding the middle: Spatial language facilitates spatial reasoning
Showcase January 2011: Learning Spatial Concepts: The Roles of Language and Structural Alignment
Showcase December 2010: Systematic Bias in Location Memory Arises from Uncertainty
Showcase November 2010: The Long and Short of It: Development of Spatial Scaling Abilities
Showcase October 2010: Enhancing Spatial Skills: A Meta-Analysis
Showcase September 2010: Show me! The Importance of Visual Communication in Spatial Development
Showcase August 2010: Action and Space-Related Information Enriches Conceptual Knowledge in STEM Disciplines
Showcase July 2010: Finding where and saying where: Developmental relationships between place learning and language in the second year
Showcase June 2010: From the real to the virtual-world: Individual differences in navigation
Showcase May 2010: Sketch Worksheets go to their first class
Showcase April 2010: The Development and Assessment of Cross- Sectioning Ability in Young Children
Showcase March 2010: The Role of Parent Gesture In Children's Spatial Language Development
Showcase February 2010: Playful Learning: Exploring the Role of Dialogic Inquiry and Exploration in Children's Developing Shape Concepts
Showcase January 2010: Facilitation of spatial skills necessary in performing geologic transformations
Showcase December 2009: Spatial categories across languages
Showcase November 2009: Structural alignment can facilitate rapid learning of spatial concepts in informal settings
Showcase October 2009: Spatial Ability, Spatial Anxiety and Working Memory in Early Elementary School
Showcase September 2009: How Spinning in Circles Informs Spatial Cognition
Showcase August 2009: Improving Children’s Understanding of Units of Measure: A Training Study
Showcase July 2009: Reorientation by Slope Cues in Humans
Showcase June 2009: Spatial-Temporal Processing and Social Cognition: Contributions to Language Development in Children with Autism
Showcase May 2009: Processing figures and grounds in nonlinguistic events
Showcase April 2009: Simulating Cross-Cultural Differences in Spatial Reasoning via CogSketch
Showcase March 2009: Spatial Training
Showcase February 2009: Narratives of science in mind and media
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